Pac-12 Tournament Prediction


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The Pac-12 tournament is underway with the 8th seeded California Golden Bears already advancing to the second round to play the top seeded Arizona Wildcats. Also in play, the 5th seeded Arizona St. Wildcats are currently beating the 12th seeded USC Trojans, with the winner to face the 4th seeded UCLA Bruins. The other games on tab today are the 10th seeded Colorado Buffaloes against the 7th seeded Oregon St. Beavers, with the winner facing the hot 2nd seeded Oregon Ducks. The Beavers claim to fame this season is beating the Arizona Wildcats, but as we’ve seen the Wildcats handed out a few suspect loses. The last game in the first round is the 6th seeded Stanford Cardinal against the 11th seeded Washington Huskies, with winner to face the 3rd seeded Utah Utes. This conference has been fairly competitive, but for the most part has been dominated by the Arizona Wildcats (despite three head scratching losses). The Utes were looking solid, until the end of the season where they dropped 11-2 conference record to 13-5. However, the Ducks are perhaps the hottest team besides the Wildcats, winning their last 9 of 10 games. I’d like to add that Joseph Young is the best player people probably haven’t seen. He also did just win the Pac-12 player of the year over guys like Delon Wright and T.J. McConnell.

As for the prediction, I like the Arizona Wildcats to take this. Minus their three odd losses, the Wildcats have been phenomenal this season. The Oregon Ducks I like as well, but I don’t think they can take the Wildcats if it came down to them. The UCLA Bruins are too inconsistent and the Utah Utes are trading wins and losses recently. I’ll take the top seeded team, who’s won eight straight and is starting to click on all cylinders. This is the Wildcats tournament to lose in my opinion, so all eyes on them. With that, I believe the Arizona Wildcats take the Pac-12 tournament.


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