SWAC Tournament Prediction


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The second round of the SWAC tournament is underway, with one of the four games already completed. The 2nd seeded Alabama St. Hornets dispatching the 7th seeded Mississippi Valley St. Delta Devils (what an incredibly long name) in a high scoring affair. The Hornets will face the winner of the 3rd seeded Southern Jaguars against the 6th seeded Alabama A&M Bulldogs, which one of the four games in the first round. The top seeded Texas Southern Tigers are currently playing the 8th seeded Alcorn St. Braves, in which would be a shocker if they lost. The Tigers little do people know, knocked off the Michigan St. Spartans and Kansas St. Wildcats on the road this season. The other matchup features the 4th seeded Prairie View Panthers against the Jackson St. Tigers. I’m actually excited that the Texas Southern Tigers knocked off those top teams because in the SWAC, usually they are punching bags for other teams. When I think of a SWAC team, I think of the team you open up your season playing. It’s sad, but teams like the Grambling St. Tigers don’t help the cause.

As for a prediction, I believe the Texas Southern Tigers will run the table. By far the more battle tested team in the SWAC, with success as I’ve mentioned before. They also are more consistent than any team in the SWAC and I don’t understand how they even lost a game. Anyways, the Tigers have won 8 straight games, as well as 11 of their 12 games. It’s like I mention so many other times, it’s really their tournament to lose. The Tigers are by far the best team in the conference and with that I believe they win the SWAC tournament and make their second consecutive tournament appearance.


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