At-large Bid By Conference: American Athletic Conference

American Athletic Conference logo

As we draw closer to March Madness, I can’t help but to analyze each conference for teams either worth of an At-large bid or one whom is on the bubble. I examine the American Athletic Conference, which according to KenPom is the 7th best conference. There is an array of teams that are either an At-large or on the bubble. Unfortunately the SMU Mustangs won’t be dancing this year, due to a postseason ban….so they will be excluded as an At-large team.


Best Teams: SMU Mustangs, Temple Owls, Cincinnati Bearcats, Houston Cougars, Tulsa Golden Hurricanes, Connecticut Huskies

At-large: Cincinnati Bearcats, Connecticut Huskies, Tulsa Golden Hurricanes

On The Bubble: Temple Owls, Houston Cougars

Note: Even with the SMU Mustangs banned from the postseason, the American Athletic Conference should still see three to four teams coming out of it. I think the Cincinnati Bearcats, Connecticut Huskies and Tulsa Golden Hurricanes are solid bets to get into the big dance as At-large bids. They’ve all added quality wins in their non-conference schedule and have done enough within their conference to warrant such. As for the Temple Owls and Houston Cougars, I think both are super close to being At-large teams. The Owls have the best record in the conference (12-4), but their downfall to being an At-large team is simply because their failures in their non-conference schedule.  They went 6-6, beating a bunch of nobodies and losing to all tournament worthy teams. If they could of won at least two of those eventual six losses, we would be having a different conversation. As for the Houston Cougars, the lack of strength in their non-conference schedule and their early early conference failures only have them on my bubble at best.


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