Missouri Valley Conference Tournament Predictions

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The Missouri Valley Conference Tournament begins today with a pair of games AKA “The sacrifices”. The lucky winner of the No. 8 and No. 9 matchup will have to face the Wichita St. Shockers, which shouldn’t be pretty. The No. 7 and No. 10 winner will have to play the Evansville Purple Aces, which might not be as bad as I was alluding to (The Sacrafice). I actually don’t think the Purple Aces are as good as their record indicates, but they do have some decent talent I will say. Anyways, the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament schedule are as follows…

Opening Round: March 3 (MVC TV Network/ESPN3)
Game 1: No. 9 Bradley Braves vs. No. 8 Loyola (CHI) Ramblers
Game 2: No. 10 Drake Bulldogs vs. No. 7 Missouri State Bears

Quarterfinals: March 4 (MVC TV Network/ESPN3)
Game 3: Winner Game 1 vs. No. 1 Wichita State Shockers
Game 4: No. 5 Southern Illinois Salukis vs. No. 4 Northern Iowa Panthers
Game 5: Winner Game 2 vs. No. 2 Evansville Purple Aces
Game 6: No. 6 Indiana State Sycamores vs. No. 3 Illinois State Redbirds

Semifinals: March 5 (CBSSN)
Game 7: Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4
Game 8: Winner Game 5 vs. Winner Game 6

Championship: March 6 (CBS)
Game 9: Winner Game 7 vs. Winner Game 8

Prediction: Obviously I’m not picking the Evansville Purple Aces, as I already downplayed their number two seed in the Missouri Conference Valley Tournament. I surprisingly like two teams, but unfortunately they potentially will face each other in the semifinals. The first team is the number four seed Northern Iowa Panthers and the other is consensus favorite and number one seed Wichita St. Shockers. The Panthers are just a curious team because they can beat some of the best teams and then lose to some of the worst. For example, they beaten the North Carolina Tar Heels who were ranked number one, the Iowa St. Cylclones who were ranked number five and the Wichita St. Shockers who ranked number twenty five. They get swept by the Loyola (CHI) Ramblers, beaten up by the New Mexico Lobos and Indiana St. Sycamores and lose to worst team in the conference in the Missouri St. Bears. However, they finished rather hot, winning nine of their last ten games. Despite all this, I’m just going to go safe here and believe in Fred Van Fleet and Ron Baker to get the job done for the Wichita St. Shockers. I’m just saying not sleep on the Northern Iowa Panthers, but their just too inconsistent. 


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