At-large Bid By Conference: Southeastern Conference


As we draw closer to March Madness, I can’t help but to analyze each conference for teams either worth an At-large bid or one whom is on the bubble. Here, I examine the Southeastern Conference, which according to KenPom is the 6th best conference. Although their ranking among conferences, I think the SEC has severely under performed this season. Last year, the SEC pumped out five NCAA Tournament teams, this year, I’m not even sure three will be in. 

Best Teams: Kentucky Wildcats, Texas A&M Aggies, South Carolina Gamecocks, LSU Tigers, Vanderbilt Commodores, Mississippi Rebels, Georgia Bulldogs, Florida Gators, Alabama Crimson Tide

At-large: Kentucky Wildcats, Texas A&M Aggies, South Carolina Gamecocks

On The Bubble: LSU Tigers, Vanderbilt Commodores, Georgia Bulldogs

Note: It’s safe to say that the Kentucky Wildcats and Texas A&M Aggies are locked in to make the NCAA Tournament. After that, it’s really a crap shoot. The  LSU Tigers, and Vanderbilt Commodores were both ranked sometime during their non-conference schedule. However, when conference play began, those rankings shed and so did their early accomplishments. The Gamecocks are hanging on by a thread as an At-large, in fact, by their 15-0 start to the season. They did decent job in the SEC, highlighted by a win over the Texas A&M Aggies. In my opinion, they have more Top 51-100 RPI wins (7) than most of the other bubble teams, which should keep them safe. Again though, the SEC like I said before has definitely under performed this year. 


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