At-large Bid By Conference: Southern Conference


As we draw closer to March Madness, I can’t help but to analyze each conference for teams either worth an At-large bid or one whom is on the bubble. Here, I examine the Southern Conference, which according to KenPom is the 20th best conference. Another generous ranking among conferences, but then again, this is probably the most down year in college basketball in a while. Anyways, the Southern is highlighted by one team and one team only, the Southern Conference champions Chattanooga Mocs. Oddly, they are one of the few teams to win their conference tournament as the number one seed this year. Currently, the Mocs are tied with the Villanova Wildcats and Kansas Jayhawks for the most wins in the nation at 29. The Mocs also have some a couple of solid road wins to their name (Georgia Bulldogs, Dayton Flyers), which will no doubt help them seeding wise. After the Mocs, well…

Best Teams: Chattanooga Mocs, East Tennessee St. Buccaneers, Furman Paladins 


On The Bubble: 

Note: With four teams overall records above .500 (which is becoming a theme in these bottom tier conferences), there isn’t much more to say…unless it’s about the Mocs.  I believe that they are going to be a very popular upset pick in the NCAA Tournament, so keep watch for whom they pair up with on Selection Sunday.


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